7/1/2017   GPHA Chinatown Medical Services Grand Opening
9/2/2016   GPHA Carl Moore Health Center Grand Opening
3/2/2015   GPHA Celebrates 45th Anniversary
11/1/2011   GPHA-Chinatown Medica Services-3rd Child Development Workshop
9/1/2011   GPHA and United Healthcare Farmers Market
7/1/2010   Frankford Avenue Dental Center Grand Opening
4/26/2010   Grand Opening Snyder Avenue Dental Center
12/1/2009   Frankford Avenue Pharmacy Grand Opening
10/1/2009   GPHA Celebrates 40 years of Service with Gala ..RSVP Now!!!
5/1/2008   GPHA Unveils an Historic Marker at the Woodland Avenue Health Center on May 30th, 2008 at 11:00am
6/11/2007   GPHA adds Dental to its list of services