Good nutrition is vitally important to good health and quality of life, and fundamental in treating disease and ensuring lifelong wellness. That’s why nutrition education is an essential part of GPHA’s total care, and is integrated into every service we provide. We educate patients about proper diet, nutrition and exercise, which are key to managing disease and attaining better health.

Our registered dietitians work alongside our medical and nursing staff to counsel patients who may be dealing with problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and food allergies to help empower them and give them the tools necessary to manage their health. They also work closely with our obstetricians and pediatricians to make sure expecting mothers are given the information they need to adopt healthy eating habits both during and after pregnancy, which in turn helps ensure healthy babies.

We also help patients make the dietary changes that can help manage diseases and improve their overall health. Part of GPHA’s commitment to health includes going out into the community to provide education and counseling on diet plans, how to prepare meals and overall general information to maintain the body’s fitness and nutrition.

Nutrition counseling is available at all of GPHA’s health centers. Find a center near you.