GPHA is committed to helping patients break down any healthcare barriers they may face by offering medical case management services. Provided for patients with debilitating problems, which may range from a lack of resources and housing to drug and/or mental problems, all of which can negatively affect a patient’s health, our medical case managers serve as a lifeline.

Our medical case managers counsel clients and connect them to a wide range of services available both at GPHA and throughout the city. They provide such services as guiding pregnant patients through delivery and post-partum appointments, following-up with all HIV patients, and providing sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS and family planning counseling.

Medical case managers also help identify any other problems that may have a negative effect on a patient’s health, working with each patient on a one-on-one basis, and work closely with patients referred by their providers for specific issues such as lead poisoning and domestic violence.

We offer medical case management services at all our health centers. Find a center near you.