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    Our commitment is to deliver quality, consistent care to every member of your family. To achieve this, GPHA’s internal medicine and primary care doctors work as a team to provide preventative and therapeutic care for the whole patient. Services include diagnosis and treatment of disease, and working with you to attain—and maintain—the best health throughout your life.

    At GPHA you’ll develop a long-term relationship with a personal physician, who will in turn, help coordinate your healthcare with other specialists. We are committed to providing a full range of care for our patients and connecting them with the finest specialists in the region.

    And our commitment extends to the entire family. Unlike other facilities, where children under the age of 18 are seen by a pediatrician, GPHA’s doctors of internal medicine can provide care to children starting at age 13, ensuring consistent healthcare throughout their life.

    Internal medicine, primary care and family practitioners are available at all of GPHA’s health centers. Find a center near you.